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L. Blair Nielsen DC

Dr. Nielsen has an extensive knowledge in taking care of a wide variety of patients with conditions that mandate an intensive approach.  This has occurred over the 33 years in practice.  He continues to attend conferences on a wide ranging focus in order to stay on the cutting edge of best practice approaches.  His goals of practice has always been to help restore function, mobility and movement so that patients may have the best quality of life available. Care can be as simple as an adjustment to an in depth evaluation of diet, nutrition, injuries, athletics and farming and ranching activities in order to improve a patient's' activity or restore and return them to their desired goals. 

  • Doctor of Chiropractic

Improve health, performance and quality of life naturally and non-invasively, without the use of prescription drugs. As public interest in drug-free pain management grows, chiropractors have become integral members of a patient’s care team.

A comprehensive approach to the education and preparation of Chiropractic Physicians allowing them to utilize their best measures in the healthcare field.

  • Logan University, St. Louis, Missouri

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