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Dr. Nielsen deeply cares for his patients.  I've been honored to have his professional services!  I suffer from arthritis.  His stretching, manipulations offer immense relief.  I broke my L5 in a fall at home and the Erchonia laser was used for a speedy recovery.  Oh my gosh, that's the best!   Connie J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Nielsen/s since 2007.  

I have actually been seeing chiropractors since 1983.  Each Doctor that I went to just did the regular snap, crackle, pop and off you go.  They never really did any digging to find out what was causing my problems. 

Not only did Dr. Nielsen do the digging that was necessary to figure out why I had recurrent pain, but he seemed to have techniques that he used on me, that were different from other chiropractors.  It seemed that he actually developed some manipulations that were unique to my individual issues.  Maybe he just had more tools in his toolbox that other chiropractors did not.  Over the years, his kindness and unique sense of fun has made me feel like I was more than just a patient.

My experience has been such that Dr. Nielsen is the first doctor that has been able to keep my pain at bay.

If you are a new patient of his, consider yourself blessed or lucky to have stumbled or limped into his office.  You will get the help that you are looking for.  Donna B.

Colorado, you are so lucky to have Dr. Nielsen taking care of you!  We were referred to him by our primary care physician about 10


years ago. "Doc" treated him as well, what better referral can you get?!


Dr. Nielsen is the best; he truly cares about his patients and actually treats the whole person, not just the spine.  He has seen us many


times when we were in crisis, barely able to walk or straighten up, and got us moving again.  It often took more than one visit to "fix" us,


but he never had us return unnecessarily.


He's gentle, very hands-on, compassionate, funny and very thorough.  He's taken care of not only us, but family members who were


visiting from out of state as well.

Dr. Nielsen stays current with new procedures, techniques, overall health and provides information to his patients if interested.


We REALLY miss having him here in Arizona and plan to travel to CO at least a couple of times a year for his "magical touch!!!"

Dennis and Cathy D.

Maricopa, AZ

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